​​​​Ameelio Connect​​​​​​

​​Resident phone calls through Ameelio Connect

Effective August 29, 2023, the JJC will transition to residents making free voice calls to parents/guardians and approved phone contacts through Ameelio Connect. Please note that all individuals 13 years or older are required to have their own unique Ameelio account by registering and being approved before calls can occur. 

Getting started on Ameelio

How to set up and use the Ameelio Connect app:  public guide

Step 1: Download the Ameelio Connect app on your smart phone

Please note: Unfortunately, Ameelio Connect is unavailable on computers at this time.

Step 2: Create and verify your account

For this step, you will be asked to submit pictures of a government-issued photo ID, such as a driver's license or a passport.  Only JJC staff will have access to your documents.

Step 3: Add your JJC resident contact

After you submit your photos, you can add the approved JJC resident by clicking 'Request Contact'.  Select the JJC and search by their last name.  If you're an approved visitor and your ID photos are cleared, then the facility will approve you in the app, and you can start receiving phone calls from the resident.  If there are any issues, the JJC will notify you in the app of what needs to be done.

Need help?

Please find Ameelio's support page here, with more information to help you set up your account, connect with an approved resident, troubleshoot, and more.

For any additional questions or issues, email JJCSupGroup@16thcircuit.illinoiscourts.gov.  In your email, please include screenshots that help describe your issue.