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UPDATED 5/26/20*
Kane County Court Services has adjusted operations to reduce the spread of COVID-19.  The safety measures listed below are in force until further notice.  If you have a question for your probation officer, please call, text, or email them directly.  If you do not know their contact info, call the nearest probation office listed in the Contact tab on the top menu bar at the far right.  
  • Visitors: please follow directional markings on the floor to maintain social distancing. Only sit in chairs marked with an "X."
  • Contacts with probation officers will occur remotely or in the community at a safe distance of at least six feet.  
  • Staff members will wear personal protective equipment (PPE) when occupying a common area in both the office and community.
  • Common areas and shared equipment are sanitized at least three times per day.
  • A sign at the front door of the Elgin and Aurora offices instructs visitors to call the receptionist and discuss the purpose of their visit before entering the building.
  • All who enter a court services office are required to wash their hands or use a provided hand sanitizer immediately upon arrival.
  • All who enter a court services office must wear a mask covering their mouth and nose (effective 5/1/20 per Governor Pritzker’s Executive Order).  
  • Staff will take the temperature of approved visitors and ask them five questions related to COVID-19 exposure and symptoms.
  • We have several isolated areas for those who need to complete paperwork related to their supervision.
*This webpage will be updated to reflect the addition or removal of safety measures as they are deemed appropriate.

Kane County Court Services Overview

Kane County Court Services is organized into three divisions which provide distinct services to the community. Court Services operates under the administration of the Chief Judge of the 16th Judicial Circuit.

Kane County Court Services Mission Statement​​

The mission of the 16th Judicial Circuit Court Services is to serve the community by promoting positive behavioral change utilizing proven methods to increase public safety

The Kane County Probation Department provides mandated services to defendants on juvenile and adult caseloads. The department provides monitoring, supervision and referral services to defendants on caseload as well as providing information to the Courts as required. Kane County Probation is decentralized to better serve the community with offices located in St Charles, Aurora and Elgin. The Kane County Juvenile Justice Center (JJC) is a detention facility for juveniles between the ages of ten and up to twenty-one. The facility has a rated capacity of eighty beds and was constructed to allow for the expansion of eighty additional beds. The Kane County JJC is a regional detention facility and currently has intergovernmental agreements with four neighboring counties. The Kane County Diagnostic Center is the Psychology Department for the Sixteenth Judicial Circuit. It provides psychological services to juvenile and adult offenders, which include: diagnostic evaluations, crisis intervention and individual group and family psychotherapy. The Diagnostic Center provides the Court with expert testimony as well as consultation and training for correctional and probation staff. It assists the Merit Commission by conducting screening tests for Sheriffs Deputy and Correctional Officer applicants and provides Adult Court Services with psychological evaluations on candidates for specialized field officer positions. The Diagnostic Center also provides a year-round clinical psychodiagnostic and psychotherapy practicum-training site for graduate level students.​