UPDATED 3/1/2021

The below COVID-19 safety measures are in effect until further notice.  If you need to reach your probation officer but do not know how please call the nearest probation office listed on our contact page.

  • Office visitors remain limited.  Please do not report in-person unless you've received preapproval from probation staff. 
  • Approved visitors must wear an appropriate facial covering, sanitize their hands, and pass a health screening including a temperature scan before entry.
  • Traditional appointments will occur via phone and/or in the community with appropriate spacing between parties and personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Most court appearances remain online via “Zoom."
  • Visit https://kanecourt.org/ to learn how to attend Zoom court.
  • https://kanecourt.org/ can also help you
    • Find your next court date
    • Enroll in text reminders for court
    • Make a payment on your case
  • Instrucciones para Zoom en el Tribunal desde su telefono inteligente
  • If you cannot use Zoom you may attend court using the call-in option described here on page two.
  • Si Zoom no es una opción para ti, se puede asistir a la corte haciendo una llamada por teléfono describido aquí en página dos.
  • Winter coats, hygiene kits, meals ready to eat, and sleeping bags can be delivered to those in need.  Ask you probation officer.​​
​*This webpage will be updated to reflect the addition or removal of safety measures as they are deemed appropriate.​

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The Kane County Drug Rehabilitation Court (KCDRC) provides an alternative to incarceration for defendants whose criminal behavior is linked to the abuse of drugs. It is the mission of KCDRC to reduce the incidence of drug use, drug addiction and crimes committed as a result of drug use and addiction. This specialized court brings together substance abuse professionals and local social service programs who work with justice professionals in a non-adversarial, collaborative approach. The presiding judge and probation team maintain extremely close supervision of each individual in the Drug Rehabilitation Court program. All participants are required to have frequent court appearances, successfully complete treatment, secure employment and be randomly drug tested a minimum of twice per week. Incentives, sanctions and therapeutic adjustments are given to motivate participants to make positive changes in thinking and behavior. Approximately 750 participants have successfully graduated from the program since the inception of the program in 2000.

Eligibility Requirements

Referral Form

How to apply


Consent to Participate

Addendum to Consent

Participant Handbook

Participant Handbook​ Spanish


Treatment Alternative Court (TAC)

The Kane County Treatment Alternative Court began operation in February 2006, accepting the first participant into the program in April 2006. The mission of the Kane County Treatment Alternative Court (TAC) is to guarantee justice for criminal defendants with mental illness, co-occurring disorders, or developmental disabilities, to enhance public safety and promote the continuity of mental health care in the community. TAC is intended to be a systematic approach that brings together community based agencies to address defendant's needs and to provide comprehensive case management in an effort to reduce future criminal activity and incarceration in the Kane County Adult Justice Center.  The defendants work closely with the Court Personnel and the treatment team to facilitate positive behavioral change and reduce criminal recidivism.  Additional objectives of the program are to create effective interactions between mental health and criminal justice systems, improve public safety, and reduce the length of confinement of mentally ill defendants.

Referral Process

Referrals for the Treatment Alternative Court program will be accepted from a presiding Judge, State's Attorney, Public Defender, Private Attorney, Kane County Diagnostic Center representative, or other appropriate source as determined by the Treatment Alternative Court team. Referrals for the program are made directly to the Program Coordinator in the form of a completed referral sheet. Defendants may be referred to the Treatment Alternative Court program as the result of a new charge only.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Kane County Residency
  2. 18 years or older at the time of program acceptance
  3. Non-Violent Offenders
  4. Guilty Plea to Current Charges
  5. Approval from State's Attorney's Office
  6. Verification of Mental Illness, co-occurring disorder, or developmental disability
  7. Willingness to Participate